Sakreea Mo'nay Jackson
 Sa-Kreea was born and raised in Newark, Delaware, and attended Delaware College of Art and Design receiving an Associate's in Illustration in 2016 and a Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising at LIM College in 2019. Sa-Kreea creates various original artworks, one-of-a-kind clothing, and jewelry. With her use of abstract expressionism, bold colors, and positive messages she strives to bring light to our world and everyday life. In 2021, Sa-Kreea launched New Kreeation as a lifestyle brand focusing on boldness, motivational  messages and 1of 1 wearable art . Sa-Kreea also teaches art throughout the community partnering with The Delaware Contemporary and programs throughout Wilmington , DE. 

Artist Statement 

With my use of abstract figurative portraits, I want my audience to understand the importance of stillness while our world is still in movement. My work takes a look at culture, and life experiences with an array of messages relating to the current times I’m in, self-growth, motivation, and healing. Closed eyes represent some of our most sacred times such as rest, and prayer and when our eyes are open they are what I imagine as the portal to the soul of the portrait.