Sakreea Mo'nay Jackson
 Sa-Kreea was born and raised in Newark, Delaware, and attended Delaware College of Art and Design receiving an Associate's in Illustration in 2016 and a Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising at LIM College in 2019. Sa-Kreea creates various original artworks, one-of-a-kind clothing, and jewelry. With her use of abstract expressionism, bold colors, and positive messages she strives to bring light to our world and everyday life. In 2021, Sa-Kreea launched New Kreeation as a lifestyle brand focusing on original and wearable 1:1 art that is bold and motivating . 

Artist Statement 

Back in 2017, my art style was simply therapy for me throughout my college years in NYC and also a way to revamp my clothes to express my individual fashion style while living in the city. After 6 years of living in NYC when I came back to my hometown, Newark DE in 2020 I was dealing with depression for 6 months and also had all the previous work I created in storage. This life experience challenged me not only to fight through the depression I was dealing with but also to evolve my artwork over time. I feel that I am truly connected to every inch of paint that hits a canvas or clothing and I knew I needed to get to a place of peace when I started creating again in 2021. Now after fighting through my depression and healing childhood trauma, I embody the journey of self-love, discovery, and forgiveness. From 2D to 3D I encourage everyone to see the brightness in the colors and motivational messages within the detail of each painting to inspire one to simply just embrace who they are, invoke a sense of freedom, and make peace with the past no matter what life throws your way. As an artist, I feel that painting is not only powerful on canvas but speaks in what we wear. Whether it's clothing accessories or canvas, I believe what we wear and view identifies with who we are and what we have experienced in life. Anything I paint has an emotional connection to the experiences life brings me becoming a part of my navigation through life and the paintings I create to be seen or worn. I encourage anyone who interacts with my work to feel hope and freedom.