The Beauty of Essence June 1st - June 30th 2024
At the Blue Ball Barn 
The Beauty of Essence is a collection of paintings and fashion displays showcasing some of the black fashion designers and supermodels that have inspired me as an artist . This collection of work will not only pay homage to the ones who freely expressed themselves but who made a difference in their careers leaving a legacy that lives on forever . The essence of these individuals embrace the style and beauty of black uniqueness . Creating this collection has allowed me to understand more about the designers and models I’ve selected to paint and emulate fashion displays of .After watching tons of documentaries and studying the art and fashion from the 70s until now I can say I truly appreciate my unique blackness as well as theirs . Overall this series invites the viewers to look at the stories of these designers , models , and myself with the message of embracing your essence and uniqueness . 

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